The Council on East Asian Studies at Yale University (CEAS) acts as a resource to share expertise in East Asia with local, regional and national communities in many forms of outreach. CEAS collaborates with media, business, government, arts institutions, schools and the public at large to present a wide range of programs including lectures, workshops, film series, performances and cultural exchanges.

East Asia plays an increasingly important role in K-16 classrooms. To this end, CEAS is dedicated to assisting K-16 educators identify activities, materials, speakers, and experiences that provide information about East Asia for the classroom. Working with Yale University’s Programs in International Educational Resources (PIER), CEAS coordinates outreach programming to local schools, K-16 educators and beyond.

CEAS also houses an East Asian Studies Outreach Resource Collection in collaboration with PIER. The collection consists of books, curricular guides, artifact kits, and even children’s literature on topics ranging from history, art, politics, ethnicity, gender studies, literature, languages, and cultural traditions of China, Japan, Korea, Mongolia and Tibet. The collection also has materials on Asian American topics. These outreach materials would be appropriate for any K-16 educator wanting to learn more about East Asia’s diverse cultures and histories and would also be beneficial for those who are interested in developing specific curricular materials and activities for the classroom.

If you have questions regarding any of the materials or would like to view or borrow any resources, please contact CEAS.  Language books tagged as being located at the Center for Language Study can be borrowed by contacting Angela Gleason.

CEAS also houses an East Asian Studies Multi-Media Collection in collaboration with PIER consisting of films (VHS and DVD, including foreign language films with subtitles) and music and language CDs that cover all of East Asia.  The films include documentaries as well as feature-length films. If you have questions or would like to view a list of these resources, please contact CEAS.