CEAS Fall 2015 Welcome Reception

  • Guests start to arrive to the reception.
  • CEAS Programs Director Richard Sosa with Nick Frisch, Ph.D. Student, EALL
  • EAS Majors John D'Amico and Wayne Baylor.
  • EAS M.A. Students enjoy hors d'oeuvres
  • EAS M.A.Students Amanda Chemeche and Liling Huang
  • Richard Sosa introduces Jing Tsu, Chair of the Council on East Asian Studies.
  • Jing Tsu welcomes Council faculty, staff, visiting scholars, and CEAS friends.
  • Helen Siu, Professor of Anthropology with EAS M.A. students Amanda Chemeche and Alisha Zou.
  • Peter C. Perdue, Director of Graduate Studies, East Asian Studies and Shi Xie, Visiting Fellow for the Inter-Asia Initiative.
  • CEAS Financial Officer Melissa Keeler Jungeblut with Senior Chinese Language Lector Yu-lin Wang Saussy and Public Services Librarian at the East Asia Library, Tang Li
September 16, 2015

Photos from the Council on East Asian Studies Fall 2015 Welcome Reception on September 10, 2015.