Dominik Wallner

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Postdoctoral Associate in East Asian Studies and Lecturer in East Asian Languages & Literatures
Areas of interest : 
Japanese Literature; Ainu Language and Literature; Indigenous Languages and Literature; Preservation and Revitalization of Endangered Languages

Dominik Wallner has degrees Japanese Studies and Classical Indology. In his dissertation, The oral epic tradition of the Ainu: Heroic Epics (yukar) and God Songs (kamuy yukar), he describes two major genres of the oral literature of the Ainu in Japan, which share many characteristic features, e.g. a metric language, a particular “literary” style, special personal verb forms for the first person, or the usage of oral epic formulas and themes. Main factors of the discussion are the contents and topics of the stories presented by the two genre-specific formats, the main protagonists and distinguishing characteristics. Additionally, a focus lies on the spatial configurations established in the two genres. Dominik Wallner has studied a broad range of languages from Japanese and Ainu to Sanskrit, Ancient Tamil and different Native languages in North America. Beneath his interest in Japanese literature of the Edo and Meiji periods and in Ainu language and literature, he is also interested in Indigenous languages and literature in general and the preservation and revitalization of endangered languages.


EAST 404, EALL 288, ER&M 404

The History and Literature of the Ainu

An exploration of the history, culture, and literature of the Ainu people in northern Japan, from prehistory to the twenty-first century.

Term: Fall 2017
Day/Time: Th 3:30 PM - 5:20 PM