Halynne Shi

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1-Year Track

Halynne Shi’s journey in exploring Chinese culture started at a young age. Since the tender age of three, Halynne has been trained in classical Chinese Dance, obtaining her Grade 13 Chinese Dance diploma under the Beijing Dance Academy when she was fifteen. She has also earned several national awards in Chinese watercolor painting and Chinese calligraphy in Singapore. During her high school years, she was selected for the prestigious Bi-cultural Studies Program scholarship under the Ministry of Education (Singapore) and been involved in numerous China-related activities, ranging from organizing former Chinese President Hu Jintao’s state visit to her high school, to participating in study immersion programs in Shanghai and Beijing. Moreover, she was awarded the coveted Singapore Prime Minister’s Book Prize for outstanding bilingual students for her performance. She has since obtained her Bachelor of Science in International Relations from the London School of Economics and Political Science, where she completed an undergraduate dissertation on the financial integration of East Asian nations via the Chiang Mai Initiative Multilateralization.

In addition to her academic interests in Chinese political analysis and East Asian economic multilateralism, Halynne is passionate about digital photography, international film, gourmet food and traveling to far-flung corners of the world.