Nico Teo

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1-Year Track

Growing up in sunny island Singapore, Nico Teo has never quite understood how she survived her undergraduate years at the London School of Economics with the London weather. She has since graduated as one of the top of her class with a First Class Honors in B.Sc Social Anthropology where she developed an interest in the financialization of contemporary China and how shifting political power and reconfiguration of social dynamics affect ethics of consumption and economic behavior. Having interned at Singapore’s Central Bank and at a US investment bank, she remains fascinated by global financial markets and seeks to explore the rising prominence of East Asian market economies and its influence on existing socio-political global arrangements. 

An ardent fan of the arts, Nico has been dancing her way through life in Singapore, London, and now hopefully in New Haven. Having been reluctantly placed in ballet school at the age of 3, she has since went on to lead school dance teams and perform to sold-out crowds at a West End theater. Outside of the dance studio, she enjoys being with nature, and upon her recent graduation, mustered the courage to do a solo hike in Switzerland. She relishes in novel adventures and delights in meeting new faces from boundless places. Truth be told, her all-time dream is to be a reality TV contestant on ‘The Amazing Race’.