Robert D. Williams


GLBL 817

Law and US–China Relations

One of the great geopolitical questions of the 21st century is whether and how the United States can peacefully coexist with the People’s Republic of China. This seminar explores the role that laws and legal institutions can play in meeting this challenge. Students will be introduced to some of the key policy issues in the all-important Sino-U.S. relationship, with a focus on their legal dimensions. When, how, and to whom does law matter? What difference (if any) does law make? What do policymakers need to know about the law in order to better address the political, economic, and security aspects of the bilateral relationship? Students will write several short papers throughout the semester. Weekly seminar topics include: South China Sea, Taiwan, cybersecurity, nuclear nonproliferation, outer space, trade, investment, climate change, and human rights.

Term: Spring 2017
Day/Time: W 2:30 PM - 4:20 PM
LAW 21179

Chinese Law and Policy: Independent Research

Students will undertake independent research and writing related to legal and policy reform in China or U.S.-China relations. 

Term: Spring 2017
Day/Time: W 2:10 PM - 4:00 PM