Seiki Tanaka

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Japan Foundation CGP Visiting Assistant Professor in East Asian Studies (August - December 2017)
University of Amsterdam
Areas of interest : 
Political Economy of Poverty and Inequality; Discrimination; Redistribution; Conflicts
Japan, Transregional

Seiki Tanaka is Assistant Professor of Political Science at the University of Amsterdam, having joined the department in September 2015. Previously, he taught at Syracuse University and was a visiting scholar at Yale University and a Post-doctoral Research Associate at Princeton University. His research interests include the political economy of poverty and inequality, discrimination, redistribution, and conflicts.


PLSC 405, EAST 406

Microfoundations of Japanese Politics

Examination of Japanese politics from a comparative perspective; how Japanese politics and society work and how Japan resembles and differs from other democracies. Topics include elections, gender discrimination, immigration, disaster relief, economic policy, foreign policies, structural changes such as population aging, and the rise of China. Students develop skills for evaluating and constructing causal arguments about politics across time and space and learn how to study empirical implications of causal arguments.

Term: Fall 2017
Day/Time: W 3:30 PM - 5:20 PM