2016-17 Timeline for Submission of Masters Theses and Degree Petitions

Please adhere strictly to these guidelines

Final deadlines are imposed by the Grad School and the department has very little, if any, flexibility

Register for EAST 900 and specify your thesis adviser as the instructorSee below for more on this.

By FRIDAY, Feb. 24, 2017 submit to the DGS (copy nicholas.disantis@yale.edu) a one-page outline of the thesis, and ask the thesis adviser to email the DGS by that date confirming that “the candidate has made substantial progress and can be expected to submit satisfactory work by May 4.”  Without such a confirmation no petition for degree will be accepted.

Degree petition forms are due to Nick Disantis no later than Monday, Feb. 27, 2017 at noon for conferral of May degrees.  PLEASE USE THE FORM ON THE GRAD SCHOOL WEB SITE here and DO NOT send forms directly to the Grad School.

The MA thesis is due on or before Thursday, May 4, 2017 by noon.  Electronic copies (PDF) must be sent to the DGS. Any intermediate deadlines are at the discretion of the adviser.  It is suggested that advisers place a substantial deadline, for example for a first draft, before spring break.

Thesis Specifications and FAQ’s:

The thesis represents an original work of research based on primary materials.  Students must find, on their own initiative, an adviser appropriate to the topic.  The adviser should be a Yale faculty member (Assistant, Associate or Full Professor).  With permission of the DGS the adviser can be a Yale visiting faculty member.  Students should agree on the topic with the adviser, and then obtain the approval of the DGS for the topic and adviser.

If possible, submit your thesis topic and adviser by Oct. 31 of your second year to the DGS and EAST Registrar.

Students must enroll in EAST 900 Masters Thesis in the semester in which the thesis will be submitted.  (EAST 900 may be counted among the 16 required courses for the degree.)  When enrolling in EAST 900 students must enter the name of the thesis adviser as the instructor for the course.  The thesis adviser will submit the grade for the thesis electronically by recording the grade for EAST 900. PLEASE COMMUNICATE THIS PROCESS TO YOUR THESIS ADVISER, i.e. when they log into their courses in canvas they will see EAST 900 and submit your thesis grade as the grade for the course. If you have two readers, only one of them can submit the grade. Your grades are ALL due May 12, 2017. (Remind instructors, especially in language courses, that you are a grad student expecting to graduate this Spring.)

The length should be no more than 8,000-12,000 words (about 35-40 pages).

Commencement will take place on Monday, May 22, 2017.  Information about Commencement will be on the GSAS website.  Follow all the links for the dates and deadlines for such items as cap & gown reservations, visas for international guests, etc.  By May 1 you must confirm whether OR NOT you will attend, by filling out the Grad School reply form on the web site. The commencement schedule maintained by the Secretary’s Office is at http://commencement.yale.edu