Faculty Grants for Research on Japan

The Council on East Asian Studies is pleased to announce research grants available to full-time ladder faculty and full-time lecturers in any department of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences who are not members of the Japan faculty at the Council on East Asian Studies.

Project Eligibility

Grants are awarded for research on Japan, in particular its human inhabitants and their creations, in the past or present. Some projects in the natural sciences may qualify for this grant if their expected results have clear and specific ramifications for Japan Studies.  Grants are also awarded for translations of Japanese scholarship. While these books or articles do not need to be relevant to Japanese Studies, priority will be given to those that are. Ordinarily, translations should be published or made available online, for example by posting them on the CEAS Eli scholar page

Language study does not qualify nor can funds be used for faculty salaries.


Ordinarily, up to $5,000. Applicants are allowed to propose larger budgets. 

Required Application Materials

Cover sheet: available here

Project description (1000-1500 words; single spaced).

Please be sure to explain:

  • the role of proposed project in the professional trajectory of the applicant

  • how the project relates to the study of Japan.

The recommended structure is Background, Objectives, Method, Significance, but other formats are permissible.

Detailed budget and a timeline of activities.

The budget must enable the grant committee to understand how the applicant determined the cost of each item.

Curriculum Vitae

Please note that you do NOT have to submit any letters of recommendation.

Please send applications electronically to: eastasian.studies@yale.edu

Deadline to apply is May 22, 2020. Applicants will be notified of final selections via email by mid-June, 2020.

Haruko Nakamura, Librarian for Japanese Studies, is available to provide support accessing library resources both in the U.S. and Japan.  For more information, please contact her directly at haruko.nakamura@yale.edu.

For questions or queries about this grant, please write to: nicholas.disantis@yale.edu