My Dear (亲爱的) & Golden Lotus (中国金莲)

My Dear (亲爱的) & Golden Lotus (中国金莲)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008 - 7:00pm to 8:30pm
Auditorium (Room 101), Henry R. Luce Hall See map
34 Hillhouse Avenue
New Haven, CT 6511

My Dear 亲爱的
Directed by Gu Yaping, 2007 (82 min.)

My Dear records the filmmaker’s inner journey in search of herself as well as her relationships with several other similar urban women artists. It seeks to understand their struggles in and out of marriage, their confusion in face of conflicts between their ideals and their realities, as well as their tense friendships, which go through moments of mutual caring, understanding and discord. My Dear has been selected at the 2007 Oxdox: MK International Documentary Film Festival as well as nominated for competition at the 2007 Yunnan Multi Culture Visual Festival.

纪录片《亲爱的》是一部关注现代女性生存状态及自我认识的纪录片。记录几位出国、经商、做艺术、思索人生、反省时代的不同女性,展现她们婚姻内外的挣扎、心灵深处的困惑、理想与生存的矛盾、相互间的倾轧与关爱。她们性格各异,对人生体验不同,经历也大小都有坎坷,但她们同样要以自己的方式承受着这个转型时期的社会带给人,尤其是带给女人的得与失。导演自觉地作为一个女性的个体去观察、体验和思考生活及时代,同时也经历了一次走近女性对象、走进自己的认识体验。《亲爱的》入围2007年云之南纪录影像展竞赛单元,参展2007年牛津–米尔顿·凯恩斯国际纪录片电影节中国单元,参展第四届中国纪录片交流周“ 自主放映”单元。

Golden Lotus 中国金莲
Directed by Joanne Cheng, 2006 (59 min.)

The filmmaker searches the banks of the northern Yellow River and in remote villages in southwest Yunnan for the last women with bound feet, China’s thousand year-old tradition of erotic beauty, mutilation, and female survival. Told through the first-person narrative of the filmmaker, who was raised by her bound-foot grandmother, the film captures otherwise lost voices and the haunting memories of twelve bound-feet Chinese women aged 78 to 106, including that of the 90 year-old paper cut folk artist, Yang Hui Xiu. Their combination of strength and delicacy raises questions about the status of women in societies once, and still, dominated by men.

《中国金莲》纪录片沿一千年妇女的缠足文化习俗的主线,寻觅探访近中国近一百年中国妇女命运的见证人−中国最后的金莲。从北方黄河壶口瀑布旁的窑洞到南方的云南黄花地中的古寨深院,影人用最敏感的洞察和最原始的真实,纪录捕捉近12位(年龄为106−78岁)。《中国金莲》又一次以的独特跨文化的视角,在真情的人文关怀中大胆揭密中华文明。 《中国金莲》纪录中国最后一代金莲的足迹和声音和一段令人反思即将消失的历史。 它是中国数代妇女命运的写真,将为人类史研究提供宝贵的文字图片及影像资料。

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