We Are the…of Communism (我们是共产主义省略号) & Growing Up (成长)

We Are the...of Communism (我们是共产主义省略号) & Growing Up (成长)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008 - 7:00pm to 8:30pm
Auditorium (Room 101), Henry R. Luce Hall See map
34 Hillhouse Avenue
New Haven, CT 6511

We Are the…of Communism 我们是共产主义省略号
Directed by Cui Zi’en, 2007 (94 min.)

The Yuanhai Migrants Children’s School is suddenly closed for unknown reasons. The students manage to have classes first in a ruined manufactory then in the street. Unfortunately, even these makeshift classrooms are taken away one after another. From summer to winter, the number of students drops from 720 to 16. Many either move to more expensive schools farther way or simply return to their rural hometowns. Winter settles further in. Students below third grade can only have classes in a minibus. Those from grade four to six go to the teacher’s home instead. Despite all these setbacks, the children still try their best to enjoy school and look forward to a somewhat bright future.

从夏天到冬天,从720人减少到16个人,源海实验学校的打工子弟经历了一系列残酷的事件:被赶出校园,被赶出作为临时教室的厂房,露天上课,甚至连露天 上课所赖以坐席的水泥电线杆也要被抽走。原本济济一堂的孩子们,流离失所。有人失学在家,有人转到路远收费高的学校,有人与父母分离回了原籍老家。直到寒 冬来临,三年级以下的学生只好挤进一辆小型公共汽车里上课,四到六年级的学生来到一位老师家里坚持全日制上课。在寒风中,孩子们依然要跑回学校大门外来做 操和嬉戏,他们始终没有泯灭把学校当乐土的赤子之心。

Growing Up 成长
Directed by Li Youjie, 2007 (11 min)

This is a short piece having elementary, middle and high school students share their dreams with the camera. The director: “When I was small, I watched chicks hatching, excited and and happy to see them come into the world, tiny lives, to see them grow up slowly, mature and come into themselves. Of course, I was just a chick myself. And as I went through elementary, middle and high school, even university, I often thought of those chicks, with excitement and pleasure. When did I myself hatch? Or, I might ask, how will I hatch someday?”

经过小学,经过初中,经过高中,经过大学……导演阐述:“小时候在乡下老家看小鸡破壳而出,常常很激动,兴奋,欢喜,因为一个个生命诞生了。慢慢看着她们 成长,长大,这个过程,真的有一种生命的美和自在!而当时我也是一只小鸡!后来经过小学,中学,初中,高中,大学,还常常回忆小鸡破壳而出,浸在其中还是 激动,兴奋,欢喜。只是在想什么时候我在破壳而出?或者我的破壳是在什么时候?”

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