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2-Year Track

Yuhan Wang was born in 1996 in Mukden, Liaoning Province, China. He received his B.A degree from McGill University in Montreal, Canada, majoring in East Asian studies with a minor concentration in history and philosophy of science. In his junior year, he went to the west coast of Canada, studying as an exchange student at University of British Columbia in Vancouver. Graduating from Canada, he is now ready to embark on a new journey in the U.S. He is particularly interested in changes in gender relations and the role of women in late imperial to early modern China, as well as their representations in literature. Impressed by multiplicity and mutability of sexual mores in pre-modern and early modern China, he believes, through the prism of literature, a probe into gender norms in the past would contribute greatly to our understanding of, and open up an avenue for rethinking various present gender issues in China. As a veteran Chinese netizen, he also has a zealous concern for issues related to contemporary Chinese social media and popular culture. Watching My Own Swordsman, the 2006 Chinese TV series, is his favourite pastime.