Jooyeon Hahm

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Postdoctoral Associate in East Asian Studies and Lecturer in History
34 Hillhouse Ave, Room 303A, New Haven, CT 06511
Areas of interest : 
Modern Japan; Modern Korea; Modern Taiwan; Comparative Gender and Sexuality; Legal History
Japan, Korea, Transregional, Taiwan

Jooyeon Hahm is a historian of modern East Asia, with a particular interest in gender and legal history. Jooyeon earned her Ph.D. in History from University of Pennsylvania in 2019. Her dissertation, “Family Matters: Concubines and Illegitimate Children in the Japanese Empire, 1868–1945,” traces the history of family law in the Japanese empire as a process whereby those on the margins challenged norms and altered the hegemonic discourse on family. Contrary to popular perceptions of Japanese family law as patriarchal, she identified a progressive turn that promoted intimacy-based family life in court cases involving concubines and illegitimate children in Japan, Taiwan, and Korea.

During her time at Yale, she will prepare her dissertation for publication. She will also teach a class on the relationship between law and gender in the early twentieth-century Japanese empire in Fall 2019.