Luke Stanek

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2-Year Track

Luke Stanek, a native of Cleveland, first took an interest in Chinese history at Baldwin Wallace University, where he earned his B.A. in History with a focus on Chinese religion.  The summer following graduation, he took his first trip to China, traveling with two professors from Hong Kong to Shanghai to Beijing, visiting factories, businesses, universities, and of course historical sites and museums.  Luke spent his most recent two years at Miami University as a world history section instructor.  There, he earned his M.A. in History with a thesis project investigating public history and tourism in contemporary Xi’an, which—thankfully—necessitated a second trip to China.

Outside of East Asia, Luke is interested in post-conflict reconciliation, an interest sparked after working abroad for a semester in Northern Ireland and South Africa at two community youth and recreation centers during his junior year.  He is a political junkie, an avid fan of reading and occasionally writing satire, and hopes to pursue a PhD in History after the program.