Sayumi Takahashi Harb

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CEAS Associate-in-Research
Areas of interest : 
Gender Studies; 19th Century Poetics and Bakumatsu Literati Culture; Multimedia and Word/Image Studies; Modern Japanese Literature; Japanese Film and Visual Culture in Transnational Contexts; Asian American Literature
Japan, Transregional

Sayumi Takahashi Harb received her Ph.D. in Comparative Literature and Literary Theory with a specialization in Women’s Studies from the University of Pennsylvania in 2007. Before joining Connecticut College, she taught courses in Japanese language, literature, and film at the University of the South, where she served for two years as Chair of Japanese Studies. Her areas of specialization and interest include gender studies, pre-modern poetics and literati culture, multimedia and word/image studies, modern Japanese literature, Japanese film and visual culture in transnational contexts, as well as Asian American literature. She is currently writing a book about the 19th century Japanese Buddhist literati nun poet/painter/potter/calligrapher, Otagaki Rengetsu (1790-1875). In addition to her scholarly pursuits, Harb enjoys playing the violin and listening to music of all kinds, cooking and eating (mostly eating) healthy meals, shodo (Japanese brush penmanship), capoeira, learning Arabic and playing with her son Kinan.