Sisi Yang

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2-Year Track

Sisi Yang cares about gender equality, the environment, exploitation of labor, and migrants’ rights. Lately, she has conducted a half-year fieldwork in Hong Kong, exploring how Indonesian domestic workers deploy unusual forms of tactics to occupy Victoria Park, a major park in the heart of Hong Kong, on their Sunday day off. At the same time, she initiates a project to teach Cantonese lessons to Indonesian and Filipino domestic workers in collaboration with Mission for Migrant Workers.  

Sisi has a background in Linguistics and Philosophy from her undergraduate study at Fudan University in Shanghai. She commits herself to the path of being an anthropologist after her one-year postgraduate study of Anthropology at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. She also develops a strong interest in historical approaches when she writes about the history of Hong Kong migrants. Therefore, the interdisciplinary nature of the East Asian Studies program at Yale will surely accommodate her interests and boost her academic progress.   

Nurtured by the mountains and seas in Hong Kong, Sisi enjoys outdoor sports such as hiking and kayaking. She appreciates cooking as an art of creativity and bonding. She is also learning illustration because she believes visual arts to be powerful ways of expression.