Wen Rui Tai

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2-Year Track

Wen Rui Tai was born in Hong Kong in 1998, and was since raised in Beijing. She received her B.A. from Smith College for English Literature and Theatre Studies. Her interest in East Asian Studies was first sparked during her junior year abroad at the University of Oxford, where she analyzed Voltaire’s 1753 adaptation of The Orphan of Zhao. She has also written on China’s cultural policy during the Cultural Revolution, ethnographic film and Postmodernist consumer culture in Japan.

At present, she is mainly interested in studying the epistemic divide between China and “the West” in a globalizing (or, perhaps, de-globalizing) world, and the role that China’s domestic realities might play in shaping its image abroad.  

Having deferred her studies for a year, she has gained valuable experience working closely with various Chinese companies and NGOs, and done field research in China’s rural area, which she hopes would contextualize and inform her studies at Yale. 

Additionally, like she wrote a year ago in her pre-deferral bio, she is still a fan of biking, Samuel Becket and Harry Styles, but her affair with sundried tomato and basil Wheat Thins is, alas, a thing of the pandemic past.