Werner Stangl

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Visiting Associate Research Scholar in East Asian Studies (September 2019 - August 2021)
University of Graz
Areas of interest : 
Colonial Latin American History; Historical Geography; Historical GIS; Digital Editions; Letter Edition; History of Emigration; History of Communication and Transfer

Werner Stangl has no background in Japanese history nor Japanese language. Having worked for over a decade as a historian of colonial Spanish America, he developed his interest in various aspects of digital humanities, such as digital scholarly editions and particularly GIS. Beyond his own scholarly research, he has worked for years as a copyeditor of a scholarly journal (Jahrbuch für Geschichte Lateinamerikas) and as a copyeditor and cartographer for several monographs.

From 2015 to April 2019, he built the HGIS de las Indias, an interactive website that reconstructs the changing administrative divisions and settlement patterns of the Spanish Empire in the Americas from 1701 to 1808.