Xuenan Cao

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Postdoctoral Associate in East Asian Studies and Lecturer in East Asian Languages & Literatures
Areas of interest : 
Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature, Media, and Art; Anglophone Cultural and Media Theory

Xuenan Cao is a scholar of Chinese media cultures and literature. Having earned her Ph.D. in Literature from Duke University, Dr. Xuenan Cao is pausing in New Haven, writing her book. It is titled “Chinese Whispers,” which is also a pejorative name for the game we call “Telephone.” The rules of the game are simple. One whispers in another’s ear, and passes on a message. By the end of the line, the message has been massacred. But nothing is lost. The question is where it is stored. Dr. Cao hopes to offer a new perspective. She writes book reviews and literary criticism. Her English language publications include single-authored articles in Theory, Culture & Society (2021), Extrapolation (2019), Journal of Language, Literature, and Culture (2016), Frontiers of Literary Studies in China (2016), amongst others.

More at https://campuspress.yale.edu/caoxuenan/