Yi Feng

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2-Year Track

Yi Feng was born and raised in Chengdu, a vibrant city in Southwestern China. As an undergraduate majoring in History at Sichuan University, she has written a series of papers with a wide range of historical topics, including the music control in Nazi Germany, the reforms of local government in the late Qing Dynasty, and discussion about eugenics in the May Fourth Movement. But one of her major concerns is how state policies influences individuals’ daily lives.

Yi was also deeply attracted by anthropology and sociology when she was studying at Columbia University as a visiting student. After reading ethnographies concerning contemporary China, she has been attempting to analyze history as well as her life from anthropological and sociological perspectives. She worked for an NGO aiming at ameliorating educational inequality in China and performed some fieldwork in several primary and secondary schools in Sichuan Province. Because of these experiences, inequality and social stratification have become her academic interests as well.

Outside the academic field, she is a big fan of Agatha Christie and Ellery Queen, and she enjoys playing the piano.