Upcoming Events

Wednesday, Apr. 23rd 4:00 PM
'Believing' (信) in the Song: A Preliminary Report from Work in Progress
Robert Hymes - H. Walpole Carpentier Professor of Chinese History, Columbia University
Room 202, Henry R. Luce Hall
Thursday, Apr. 24th 12:00 PM
Freedom and Fear in Hong Kong Media 香港媒體自由何去何從?
Room B013, Henry R. Luce Hall
Workshop, Special Event
Thursday, Apr. 24th 4:30 PM
Competing Transnational Buddhisms: Yu Guanbin's Contribution to Taixu's Buddha-ization Movement in 1920-30s Shanghai
Hwansoo I. Kim - Assistant Professor of Religion, Duke University
Room 203, Henry R. Luce Hall
Friday, Apr. 25th 8:30 AM
The Tensions of Global Immigration: What Defines Where People Live?
Auditorium, Henry R. Luce Hall
Conference, Special Event
Friday, Apr. 25th 4:30 PM
Five Myths about North Korea
Dr. Sung-Yoon Lee - Kim Koo-Korea Foundation Professor in Korean Studies and Assistant Professor, The Fletcher School, Tufts University
Room 217A, Hall of Graduate Studies
Lecture, Special Event
Friday, Apr. 25th 6:00 PM
Inter-Asia Meeting
Small & Large Group Discussions Around the Concept of "inter-Asia."
Room 101
Wednesday, Apr. 30th 7:00 PM
Things Left Behind
Film Screening and Q&A with Director Linda Hoaglund
Auditorium, Whitney Humanities Center
Friday, May. 9th 3:00 PM
Persianate World: A Conceptual Inquiry
Luce Hall
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