Upcoming Events

Friday, Jul. 25th 11:00 AM
Using Historical Maps to do Research
LI Xiaocong - Professor Emeritus, Department of History, Peking University
Map Room, 7th Floor, SML
Tuesday, Sep. 9th 4:30 PM
CEAS Fall 2014 Welcome Reception
Common Room, Luce Hall
Special Event
Thursday, Sep. 18th 4:00 PM
The Lyrical in Epic Time: The Stories of Shen Congwen and Feng Zhi
David Der-wei Wang - Edward C. Henderson Professor of Chinese Literature, Harvard University & Director of CCK Foundation Inter-University Center for Sinological Studies
Location TBD
Lecture, Special Event
Wednesday, Oct. 1st 4:00 PM
Guarding Press Freedoms in the New Gilded Age: The Challenge of China
Michael Forsythe - New York Times
Auditorium, Henry R. Luce Hall
Lecture, Special Event
Thursday, Oct. 16th 7:00 PM
8th Annual CHINA Town Hall
A Special Webcast and Panel Discussion on U.S.-China Relations
Auditorium, Henry R. Luce Hall
Conference, Special Event
Monday, Oct. 20th 4:30 PM
Nomads and Climate in Chinese History: Scientific Arguments and New Perspectives
Nicola Di Cosmo - Henry Luce Foundation Professor of East Asian History, Institute for Advanced Study School of Historical Studies
Room 203, Henry R. Luce Hall
Thursday, Oct. 30th 4:30 PM
The Buddha’s Footprint: An Environmental History of Asia
Johan Elverskog - Altshuler University Distinguished Teaching Professor & Chair of Religious Studies, Southern Methodist University
Room 202, Henry R. Luce Hall
Wednesday, Feb. 25th 12:00 PM
Beyond Diplomacy: Tokugawa Japan’s Changing Relations with Southeast Asia in the Seventeenth Century
Adam Clulow - Senior Lecturer, School of Philosophical, Historical and International Studies, Monash University
Room 203, Henry R. Luce Hall
Friday, Feb. 27th 12:00 PM
The Problem of Commemorating: Epitaph Writing and Filial Expression in the Northern Song (960-1125)
Cong Ellen Zhang - Associate Professor & Director of Undergraduate Studies, Department of History, University of Virginia
Room 202, Henry R. Luce Hall
Tuesday, Apr. 7th 4:00 PM
New Directions in Asia: The Tokyo War Crime Trials
David Cohen - Professor of Law, University of Hawaii; Professor & Director, War Crimes Studies Center, UC Berkeley & Yuma Totani - Associate Professor, Department of History, University of Hawaii
Room 203, Henry R. Luce Hall
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