CEAS is Yale’s interdisciplinary hub for the study of all aspects of East Asia and its constituent peoples, cultures, and societies.  For more than fifty years, its mission has been to support scholarship of the highest level across the humanities and social sciences, and to facilitate deeper understanding of the region at Yale and beyond.  Home to the University’s undergraduate major and Master’s program in East Asian Studies, CEAS hosts a wide range of speakers, events and visiting scholars throughout the year; offers a competitive Postdoctoral Associates Program; and provides a generous array of grants and fellowships.  More…

Upcoming Events

Thursday, Feb. 20th 12:00 PM
Room 218, Sterling Memorial Library
Jude Yang - Librarian for Korean Studies, Yale University
Thursday, Feb. 20th 1:30 PM
Room 102, Linsley-Chittenden Hall
Stephen Batchelor - Bodhi College
Thursday, Feb. 20th 4:30 PM
Auditorium, Henry R. Luce Hall

Undergraduate Program

If you like studying Chinese, Japanese, or Korean and if you are interested in learning about East Asia in the past, present, and future from the world’s top experts; consider majoring or double-majoring in East Asian Studies!  More…

Graduate Program

If you are interested in a multi-disciplinary approach to the the study of China, Japan, or a transnational region within East Asia at the graduate level, then the M.A. degree program in East Asian Studies at Yale is for you!  More …

Postdoctoral Program

Are you a promising young scholar specializing in East Asia looking to come to Yale to pursue research, prepare your dissertation for publication, and gain experience teaching seminars to undergraduates?  More…