CEAS Dissertation Research Fellowships

The Council on East Asian Studies offers the following dissertation research fellowships.  Please click on the fellowship titles below for more information.

Prize Fellowship in East Asian Studies

The EAS Prize Fellowship, a one-year fellowship, is available to all Ph.D. candidates who have been recommended by CEAS faculty or to those whose research uses a significant amount of Chinese, Japanese, and/or Korean materials and who are endorsed by their own advisor. The eligibility for this fellowship will be students in their late 4th and 5th years, after they have completed their prospectus and written one chapter of their dissertation. However, the eligible years can be flexible depending on the student’s individual situation; students of some departments (such as Anthropology) can apply as early as the late 3rd year as long as they have completed the prospectus and a dissertation chapter. No student may be nominated for the EAS Prize Fellowship more than once.

The Prize Fellowship committee will review the applications. The awardees invite up to two external reviewers for their exam and host the exam, either at Yale or in conjunction with presenting at a conference such as the AAS. If they pass the exam, the awardee will be provided $5,000 research funds (neither tuition nor stipend will be granted). If the student hosts the exam virtually (i.e., because of travel restrictions or other concerns), an additional $1,000 will be provided, with the intent that the student is able to meet one or more of the examiners in person at a later date. These funds will add to, rather than be subtracted from, funds already available through other opportunities. The funds should be used for the following purposes:

An international trip to follow up on research to address suggestions from the exam;

Domestic conferences to present work-in-progress; and/or

Other research purposes in consultation with the candidate’s advisor or committee.

Current Prize Fellows:

Jason Douglass

East Asian Languages & Literatures and Film & Media Studies

Nina Farizova

East Asian Languages & Literatures

Mary Gilstad

East Asian Languages & Literatures

George Remisovsky


Dihao Zhou

East Asian Languages & Literatures

Dissertation Fellowship in East Asian Studies

The EAS Dissertation Fellowship is awarded to Ph.D. candidates of excellence in a field of East Asian studies who are in need of support in order to complete the dissertation in the fourth year or beyond. This grant provides an annual stipend at the same rate of support as the University Dissertation Writing Fellowships. It does not provide additional research and travel support. Students nominated are strongly encouraged to apply for external funding, although it is highly unlikely that a student can hold the Fellowship concurrently with a full external award. It is expected that the recipients will not engage in teaching or other employment during the term of the fellowship. This Fellowship may be used early in candidacy for dissertation research or later in candidacy for writing up. A student who previously received the EAS Prize Fellowship is eligible to be nominated for the EAS Dissertation Fellowship. The EAS Dissertation Fellowship may be held in the student’s seventh year of doctoral study if s/he has received permission from the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (GSAS) to register. In no case may the Fellowship be extended into an eighth year of the program.

Current Dissertation Fellows:

Zekun Zhang