Hotel Shilla Research Fellowship

This fellowship is made possible through the generosity of Lee Boo-jin, the CEO of Hotel Shilla and aimed at enriching and fortifying Korean Studies at Yale. This prestigious fellowship offers invaluable opportunities for Yale’s undergraduates, graduate students, and faculty members to elevate their research experiences in Korea.

Fellowship Details:

Each year, two Shilla Stay rooms are made available for a month, providing Yale’s undergraduate and master’s degree students and faculty members with a comfortable and convenient base during their research expeditions across Korea. With fourteen branches located throughout the country, this fellowship ensures that regardless of their research destination, beneficiaries can access a Shilla Stay branch nearby to facilitate effective fieldwork and archival research.

The selection of fellows and the duration of their stay will be determined through a competitive application process. The Korean Studies faculty will evaluate all applications and announce this fellowship’s deserving recipient(s). The duration of the stay and the selection of beneficiaries will be contingent upon the assessment of applicants, their respective research proposals, and the overall number of applicants. This ensures a fair and equitable allocation of resources to support meaningful research experiences.

Application Requirements:

For Undergraduate and MA Students:

Research statement and research plan.
Curriculum Vitae (CV).

For Faculty:

This opportunity is available to faculty members primarily specializing in Korean studies. Please send a brief summary of the research to the committee. 

Applications must be sent to

Application Deadlines:

For Winter Recess: November 1st
For Spring Recess: February 1st
For Summer Recess: March 1st

Eligibility Criteria:

Undergraduate and Master’s Degree Students

This fellowship is open to undergraduate and master’s degree students who are conducting research on Korea-related topics for their senior/master’s thesis. Unfortunately, Ph.D. candidates, postdocs, and visiting scholars are not eligible. 

The Selection Committee:

Prof. Hannah Sheperd (Modern Korean and Japanese History, History)
Prof. Kyunghee Eo (Korean Literature, EALL)
Prof. Hwansoo Kim (Korean Religions, Religious Studies)

This fellowship opportunity promises to enrich research experiences and foster a deeper understanding of Korea’s diverse facets. We encourage all eligible students and faculty members to apply and seize this unique chance to further their academic pursuits.