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Monday, Mar. 25th 10:00 AM
Marginal Social Groups and Historical Documents in Asia—Japan and the Ottoman Empire
Room 203, Henry R. Luce Hall
Tuesday, Mar. 26th 12:00 PM
Everyday Ecology: Writing an Environmental History of Modern Korea
Albert L. Park - Bank of America Associate Professor of Pacific Basin Studies, Claremont McKenna College
Room 241, Rosenkranz Hall
Wednesday, Mar. 27th 4:00 PM
The Buddhist Community and Local Material Culture in the Kucha Kingdom – as seen in Mural Paintings
Satomi Hiyama - Assistant Professor, Hakubi Center / Institute for Research in Humanities, Kyoto University
Room 218, East Asia Library, SML
Thursday, Mar. 28th 4:00 PM
Writing the Sick Self in Early Medieval China
Antje Richter - Associate Professor of Chinese / Director of Graduate Studies in Chinese, University of Colorado at Boulder
Room 207, Sterling Memorial Library
Thursday, Mar. 28th 4:30 PM
The Tekagamijō and Tōdaijigire in Context
See description for locations
Thursday, Mar. 28th 5:00 PM
"Sermon on the Mount" - Special Screening with the Director
Ven. Daehae Young-uee Yoo - Director
Auditorium, Henry R. Luce Hall
Friday, Mar. 29th 12:00 PM
Who is the Greatest of them All? Generational Patterns of Political Participation in Japan
Rieko Kage - Associate Professor of Political Science, University of Tokyo
Room 241, Rosenkranz Hall
Tuesday, Apr. 2nd 4:00 PM
Cultures of Emotion in the Japanese Empire
Sabine Frühstück - Professor and Director of East Asia Center / University of California, Santa Barbara,
Room 202, Henry R. Luce Hall
Monday, Apr. 8th 1:30 PM
The Buddhist Makeup Artist: A Personal Story about Sexuality and Transformation
Kodo Nishimura - Makeup Artist and Buddhist Priest
Room 203, Henry R. Luce Hall
Lecture, Special Event
Tuesday, Apr. 9th 4:00 PM
Disability in China: Citizenship, Identity and Culture
Sarah Dauncey - Associate Professor of Sociology and Social Policy, University of Nottingham, UK
Room 202, Henry R. Luce Hall
Wednesday, Apr. 17th 4:00 PM
The North Korea Playbook: Five Facts you need to know
Victor Cha - D.S. Song-KF Professor of Government and International Affairs, Georgetown University / Senior Adviser at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, Washington, D.C
Greenberg Conference Center
Thursday, Apr. 18th 2:00 PM
A History for China's Muslim Internment Camps
Rian Thum - Associate Professor of History at Loyola University, Senior Research Fellow at the University of Nottingham
William L. Harkness Hall
Friday, Apr. 19th 9:00 AM
Korean Buddhism at the Crossroads: In Search of a New Paradigm for Early Modern and Modern Korean Buddhist Studies
See description for locations
Thursday, May. 2nd 4:00 PM
Edwin McClellan Visiting Fellow in Japanese Studies Lecture
Dr. Hideto Tsuboi - Professor, International Research Center for Japanese Studies
Location TBD
Lecture, Special Event
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