Japanese Pronunciation Pedagogy Workshop, Part I

Japanese Pronunciation Pedagogy Workshop, Part I

Chieko Nakagawa - Professor of Japanese, Kokugakuin University Graduate School

Friday, December 11, 2020 - 6:30pm to 8:30pm
via Zoom See map

This workshop will be conducted in Japanese. Flyer can be downloaded here.

Dr. Chieko Nakagawa will demonstrate how to teach Japanese pronunciation using the materials she has developed. The workshop will consist of two sessions: Session 1 will be focused on how to teach novice and beginner levels. Session 2 will be spent on how to teach intermediate and advanced levels using Online Japanese Accent Dictionary (OJAD) and Praat.

Dr. Chieko Nakagawa received her doctorate in Humanities and Science from Ochanomizu University. Her expertise lies in Japanese pronunciation pedagogy, specifically with intonation. Most recently, she has taught at Waseda University, focusing on pronunciation to students from overseas. Currently, Dr. Nakagawa teaches Japanese phonetics at Kokugakuin University Graduate School. Two of her publications include “Japanese Pronunciation Activities” and “Hitoridemo Manaberu Nihongo no Hatsuon”. She has also been involved in the developing of Online Japanese Accent Dictionary (OJAD) and “つたえるはつおん”. Dr. Nakagawa has given workshops about Japanese pronunciation pedagogy all over the world including Indonesia, Vietnam, and Europe.


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For more information on this workshop, please contact organizer Hiroyo Nishimura at  hiroyo.nishimura@yale.edu.