The Kuroda Affair (黒田騒動) & The Blind Menace (不知火検校)

The Kuroda Affair (黒田騒動) & The Blind Menace (不知火検校)

Saturday, January 28, 2012 - 7:00pm to 8:30pm
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黒田騒動[英語字幕付] 1955 Uchida Tomu
The Kuroda Affair

The Kuroda Affair tells the story of one of the greatest family uprisings in Japanese history at the beginning of the Edo Period, with a thrilling portrayal of love & lust, rebellion, and betrayal. Director Uchida Tomu is an underrated master of jidaigeki whose 1956 film is a must-see.

不知火検校 [英語字幕付] 1960 Mori Kazuo
The Blind Menace

Known as the film that inspired the famous “Zatoichi” series, The Blind Menace is the breakthrough film for the leading actor Katsu Shintaro, who would soon become one of the biggest jidaigeki stars in the postwar era. Katsu, as a malicious and repellent blind masseur on a quest for power, showcases his seminal performance in this highly twisted period film, masterfully directed by Mori Kazuo.

The Sword and the Screen: The Japanese Period Film 1915-1960
Rare Samurai Films From the Collection of the National Film Center, Tokyo
A series of rare Japanese samurai films from the collection of the National Film Center of the National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo, which highlights the abundant variety of Japan’s most famous genre. There are social critiques, melodramas, comedies, ghost films and even musicals, directed by some of the masters of Japanese cinema who, in part because they worked in popular cinema, have rarely been presented abroad. The series is the first time Japan’s national film archive has cooperated with a non-Japanese university. All films are in 35mm with English subtitles.

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Sponsored by the Council on East Asian Studies and the National Film Center, National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo