Leave Me Alone (2001) & Walk on Roles (2002)

Leave Me Alone (2001) & Walk on Roles (2002)

Tuesday, November 16, 2004 - 7:00pm to 8:30pm
Auditorium (Room 101), Henry R. Luce Hall See map
34 Hillhouse Avenue
New Haven, CT 6511

Free and open to the public. All films have English subtitles.

Leave Me Alone
Directed by Hu Shu, 2001 (70 min)

Ye and her sister, Yang, work in a karaoke night club while their friend, Massagal, is a massage girl in a “barber shop” which is frequented by male customers, few of whom are there for a haircut. This film tells the story of three young prostitutes in a southern city in China. Today, girls such as Ye, Yang, and Massagal are particularly despised and abandoned by society. They are regarded as a kind of commodity that can simply be bought with money. Nobody really cares about their future.

Walk-On Roles
Directed by Zhu Chuanming, 2002 (75 min)

This film depicts the life of a gang of young urban slackers. They proclaim themselves as movie walk-on roles, but always kill time in front of the gate of Beijing Film Studio. After “work,” they return to their rented and shabby shack on the outskirts of town and spend the nights flirting with naive girls, telling filthy jokes, playing cards, and watching videos. Li Wenbo, Bao Hehua, and Wang Gang dream of the success of their movies and the millions of dollars they might earn, but every time they think about their next meal or their rent, they sink into the stark reality of their situation.

China Documentary Film Series – Showcasing films from REC Foundation’s REEL CHINA Documentary Festival 2004

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