OPEN ART (14 Short Videos)

OPEN ART (14 Short Videos)

Sunday, February 3, 2008 - 8:45pm to 10:15pm
Auditorium (Room 101), Henry R. Luce Hall See map
34 Hillhouse Avenue
New Haven, CT 6511


Directed by Shinsaku Hidaka (2006, video, 3:51 min.)

The Naked Ape
Directed by Daihiti Hashimoto (2006, video, 2 min.)

The Goblin’s Secret
Directed by Yuko Miyahira (2006, video, 7 min.)

A Man Who Became an Undertaker
Directed by Shuhei Sibue (2006, video, 4:55 min.)

Takashi’s Seasons
Directed by Takashi Kawashima (2006, video, 15:45 min.)

Deer Mode
Directed by Junpei Mizokawa (2006, video, 1:20 min.)

Bad Morning.Mama
Directed by Daisuke Imai (2006, video, 4:09 min.)

Magic By The Line Red And Blue
Directed by Dino Sato (2006, video, 3:30 min.)

Directed by Dino Sato (2006, video, 5 min.)

Directed by Yusuke Koyanagi (2006, video, 2:27 min.)

The Microbe
Directed by Biseibu 2 (2006, video, 4 min.)

Directed by Shinya Sato (2006, video, 3:35 min.)

White Matter
Directed by Eiichiro Iyama (2006, Video, 7 min.)

Input Output
Directed by Tatsuya Iwakoshi (2005, video, 5:15 min.)

Nippon Connection Festival
Nippon Connection, the largest showcase of Japanese cinema outside of Japan, comes to Yale! A cornucopian selection of the best works shown at the 2007 edition, held in Frankfurt, Germany, will be screened over two weeks, featuring major studio films, indie features and shorts, and experimental animation. Highlights include Maison de Himiko, the winner of the Nippon Connection Audience Award, a video feature by Sono Shion (Suicide Circle), and an outrageous “pink film” (soft adult movie).

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