Dewei Shen (EALL) 2017 Summer Research Trip

  • The Yangzi River, Southern Bank
  • The Great Bridge over Yangzi River
  • Parade of Wooden Minatures from a Western Han Tomb (Jingzhou City Museum)
  • Farming Lands in Jiang-Han Plain (shot from train)
  • A Bronze Ritual Wine Vessel (zun) from Western Zhou Period (Suizhou City Museum)
  • A Jade Mask (Jingzhou City Museum)
  • A Daquan Wushi Coin, about 2000 Years Old
October 23, 2017

Dewei Shen (EALL) received a CEAS Field Research Grant to help support two months of research in China for his project, “On-Site Surveys of Bamboo Manuscripts and Burial Objects Unearthed from Middle Yangzi River Region (c.300 BCE-220 CE).” Above are some photos from his trip.

Information about CEAS grant opportunities can be found on the academics section of our website.