Inaugural CEAS Photo Contest Winners

  • Marshals at the Door
  • Gyeongbok Palace, Past and Present
March 8, 2021

Announcing the winners of the Council on East Asian Studies inaugural photo contest! 

Mark Frank, Postdoctoral Associate and Lecturer in the Environmental Humanities of East Asia, presents “Marshals at the Door,” taken in January 2017.  In the town of Jianshui in southwest China’s Yunnan Province, an out-of-towner takes in a homemade historical exhibit about the Ten Marshals of the People’s Republic of China that local residents have set up in their doorway. Text on the left panel declares, “The high appraisal of the people and leaders of the world regarding Marshal Zhu De is: a legendary and colorful Chinese leader. One of the greatest national statesmen of this century. The father of China’s Red Army. An outstanding son of the Chinese people.”

Zekun Zhang, a Ph.D. student in the Department of History, submits “Gyeongbok Palace, Past and Present,” taken is Seoul in October, 2020.  This photo shows two girls wearing traditional Korean clothing taking photos under a gingko tree outside the Gyeongbok Palace.

Congratulations to our winners!  And thank you to all who participated!