New publication co-authored by CEAS Postdoctoral Scholar, Gyatso Marnyi

October 5, 2023

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Shépa: The Tibetan Oral Tradition in Choné.

Bendi Tso (author), Marnyi Gyatso (author), Naljor Tsering (author), Mark Turin (author), Members of the Choné Tibetan Community (author).

Shépa: ‘explanation’ or ‘elucidation’ in Tibetan. A form of oral poetry sung antiphonally in a question-and-answer style.

This book contains a unique collection of Tibetan oral narrations and songs known as Shépa, as these have been performed, recorded and shared between generations of Choné Tibetans from Amdo living in the eastern Tibetan Plateau. Presented in trilingual format — in Tibetan, Chinese and English — the book reflects a sustained collaboration with and between members of the local community, including narrators, monks, and scholars, calling attention to the diversity inherent in all oral traditions, and the mutability of Shépa in particular.