For Every Minute That I Live, I’ll Enjoy the 60 Seconds (活着一分钟,快乐六十秒)

For Every Minute That I Live, I'll Enjoy the 60 Seconds (活着一分钟,快乐六十秒)

Wednesday, December 13, 2006 - 7:00pm to 8:30pm
Auditorium (Room 101), Henry R. Luce Hall See map
34 Hillhouse Avenue
New Haven, CT 6511

For Every Minute That I Live, I’ll Enjoy the 60 Seconds
Directed by Zhang Zhanqing , 2006 (85 mins., English subtitles)

In the morning, he is an advertising agent. In the afternoon, he goes to an underground dance hall in order to seek spiritual and carnal comfort. In the evening, he becomes a complete alcoholic and sponges on his friends. That’s the life of a forty- year old man named Dagang who has been laid off. His mother cannot adapt to the fast-changing society and as a result, she suffers from mental illness. Dagang divorced for his pursuit of true love, but the economic hardship compels him to end this relation. In the end, his wife and child abandon him. He still retains hopes for his love and family and is somehow backed by a faith. Dagang possesses almost nothing and his only means to resist the impacts from society is his refusal of reflection. Therefore he indulges in a lifestyle with the motto of “for every minute that I live, I’ll enjoy the 60 seconds.”

上午他是广告公司的业务员,下午他道貌盎然的在地下舞厅寻找精神和肉体的双重安慰,晚上他是个彻头彻尾的酒鬼,他靠在朋友那混吃混喝为生。这是四十岁的下 岗工人大刚的生活。母亲因为跟不上社会的变化而成为一个精神病患者。他为了真正爱情的而离婚,但又由于生存问题而不得不残酷的结束这段感情,最终妻离子 散。即使如此,他仍旧对爱情和家庭充满了渴望,一个莫名的信念支持着他,当每天早上的凉风吹醒昨夜昏沉的头脑,他似乎又意气风发,斗志昂扬。一个人生活在 沙漠就要成为骆驼,如果到了绿洲就会变成狮子,在人间就要变成一把尺子。这段尼采的话成为大刚的生存哲学,并且他也在这样去努力,但是结果却成为一个不可 思议的悖论。他和他的朋友们每天都在演绎着那些百无聊赖的龌龊趣事,在老年人聚集的公园的椅子上打发时光。一无所有的他已经不在有痛苦,他只能用一种拒绝 思考的方式的来抗争这社会的巨大变化对他的影响。不堪重负的生活有三个层面,愤怒、绝望和超脱的快乐,他属于最后者。没有辛酸的辛酸,没有明天的明天。那 么索性就——活着一分钟,快乐六十秒!

Fall 2006 Chinese Documentary Film Series – Showcasing Films from REC Foundation’s REEL CHINA Biennial Film Festival

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