Tian Li (天里) & Idle People in Society (闲着)

Tian Li (天里) & Idle People in Society (闲着)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008 - 7:00pm to 8:30pm
Auditorium (Room 101), Henry R. Luce Hall See map
34 Hillhouse Avenue
New Haven, CT 6511

Tian Li 天里
Directed by Song Tian, 2007 (96 min)

Mr. Chen Guobin runs the Tianli Drugstore, a local hubbub of Guangming Village where villagers come to exchange news, play mahjong, drink, boast, quarrel, discuss daily events and spread gossip. The most recent talk has been on the triannually held village election…

陈国彬是光明村天里屯“天里综合商店”的老板。“综合商店”不单单是个卖杂货的小店,也是村民们爱聚堆儿的地方。人们在他的店里搓麻将、打扑克、喝酒、吹 牛、吵架、发牢骚、发呆,谈论国家大事,扯东家长西家短。每天都有不同的人经过,不同的事情发生。最近村子里的大事就是三年一次的村委会换届选举……

Idle People in Society 闲着
Directed by Zhang Weijie, 2006 (79 min)

This documentary presents the life of four street performing singers from various walks of life: Old Fang, an unemployed worker; Old Zhao, an unemployed migrant peasant worker; Shi Jing, a widow from Shandong Province; and Little Ding, another unemployed man who tries to support his child in college. They work hard, but without acknowledgement from family members and society. Amidst challenges and setbacks, they use singing in the streets to seek dignity, explain history and reality, vent their happiness and sadness, and pray for a better tomorrow.

老房、石静、小赵、老丁是音乐爱好者,也是生活在社会边缘的街头艺人。他们因生活所困,陆续走上上海街头,开始了卖艺生涯。他们各有各的经历,各有各的难 处,各有各的追求。他们分分合合,合合分分,相互帮衬,也互有竞争。白天,他们聚集在虹口公园,义务教人唱歌、拉琴;夜里则出没都市霓虹灯下卖艺,为各自 的生计奔忙。他们用歌声寻找自己的的尊严,表述着历史和现实,宣泄着快乐和忧愁,祈祷着心中的明天。

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