Denise Ho

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Associate Professor of History
320 York Street, Room 220, New Haven, CT 06511
Areas of interest : 
Modern China; Cultural Revolution; Borderlands; Urban History


HIST 364, EAST 364

Modern China

Today’s China is one of the world’s great powers, and the relationship between the United States and China is one of the most consequential of our times. Yet we cannot understand China without examining the historical context of its rise. How have the Chinese searched for modernity in the recent past? How were the dramatic changes of the late imperial period, the twentieth century, and after experienced by the Chinese people? This introductory course examines the political, social, and cultural revolutions that have shaped Chinese history since late imperial times. The emphasis of this course is on the analysis of primary sources in translation and the discussion of these texts within the context of the broader historical narrative. It assumes no prior knowledge of Chinese history.

Term: Spring 2024
Day/Time: T,Th 11:35 AM - 12:50 PM
HIST 872

Sources and Methods in the History of the People's Republic of China

This graduate research seminar introduces students to archival and other sources used in PRC history. Students learn how to read and use such sources and complete an independent research paper. 

Term: Fall 2023
Day/Time: W 1:30 PM - 3:20 PM