Eilin Perez


HIST 301J, EAST 416

Korea in the World

What do K-pop idol performances and North Korean military parades have in common? Each phenomenon is highly visible in contemporary media. Each phenomenon is also better understood by studying the history of Korea and its geopolitical significance. This discussion-driven seminar provides political, cultural, and social context for the historical threads that define modern Korea. We consider the role of media literacy in historical studies while developing a vocabulary for discussing images of the past. This course is meant to be useful to both the history student seeking to extend the range of their historical awareness, and to those students with little historical training seeking to gain a sense of what historical inquiry entails. Alongside the process of reading, reflection, and discussion, we also engage in developing an understanding of the potential skill paths that come out of historical studies. Along the way, we consider a range of settings in which the tools of the historian can be deployed: library, museum, and archive. 

Term: Spring 2023
Day/Time: T 9:25 AM - 11:15 AM