Eric Greene

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Assistant Professor of Religious Studies
451 College St, Room 309, New Haven, CT 06511
Areas of interest : 
Buddhism in East Asia; Zen Buddhism; Ritual in East Asian Buddhism; Mysticism and Meditation in Buddhism and East Asia; Chinese Buddhist Studies; Chinese Buddhist Texts
China, Transregional, South Asia


RLST 564

The Study of Chinese Buddhism: Methods, History, and Perspectives

This seminar provides an intensive introduction to the study of Chinese Buddhism in the Western academy. We read and discuss a variety of classic and contemporary English-language books and articles on the study of Chinese Buddhism. Our aim is both to gain a broad knowledge of the history and development of Chinese Buddhism (with a focus on the period through 1000 C.E.), and to critically evaluate how the most prominent scholars in the field of the past fifty years have approached this topic.

Term: Spring 2021
Day/Time: HTBA