Garrett L. Washington

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CEAS Affiliate
University of Massachusetts Amherst
Areas of interest : 
Imported Western Forms of Space, Knowledge, and Discourse on Japanese Society

Garrett L. Washington examines the impact of imported Western forms of space, knowledge, and discourse on Japanese society. He holds a B.A. from Rice University, a Diplome des Etudes Approfondies from the Universite de Paris VIII Saint Denis/Vincennes, and a Ph.D from Purdue University. His publications include articles on the social and discursive space of Japanese Protestant churches in Tokyo, Buddhism’s response to Protestant church space in Tokyo, and the role of St. Luke’s Hospital in the rise of public health in Tokyo as well as a book chapter on the national imaginary in pastoral discourse. His book project analyzes the role of the physical, discursive and social spaces of Tokyo’s most popular Japanese Protestant churches in movements for social activism and change in the authoritarian context of imperial Japan (1868-1945). Building on this research, he has also begun new research on industrialist, women’s rights activist, and late-life Christian convert Madame Hirooka Asako (1849-1919). Previously he has taught Japanese, East Asian, and global history courses at Oberlin College.