Jeffrey Bayliss

Jeffrey Bayliss's picture
CEAS Associate-in-Research
Trinity College
Areas of interest : 
Politics of History and Memory in Japan and Korea; Imperialism in East Asia; Minorities in Japan
Japan, Korea, Transregional

Jeffrey Bayliss joined Trinity College in 2004, after completing a postdoctoral fellowship at the Reischauer Institute of Japanese Studies, and a Ph.D. in History (2003) from Harvard University.  He also earned a Master’s Degree in Education (1994) from Miyagi University of Education (Miyagi kyôiku daigaku), and has spent over ten years living and working in Japan. His research focuses on minority groups and issues of minority identity in modern Japan.  For his dissertation, he examined the manner in which Japan’s two largest minorities, the Koreans and the Burakumin, viewed and interacted with one another during the 1920s through the end of the Pacific War – years during which both groups faced severe discrimination from majority society.  His research sheds new light on the way that similarly disadvantaged groups, facing similar kinds of discrimination at the hands of majority society, relate to one another, and how they cooperate – or fail to cooperate – in their respective struggles for social equality.