Kiki Tianqi Zhao

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2-Year Track

Kiki Tianqi Zhao was born and raised in Dandong and Harbin, China. She received her B.A. from Communication University of China in Beijing and her M.S. from Boston University. 

Before coming to Yale, she worked in journalism in Beijing, first for the Financial Times for two years, then for The New York Times in the past three plus years. She has reported and written on a variety of topics concerning China: politics, businesses, foreign policy, religion, social issues and others. Thanks to her job, she has traveled extensively in China: from its vast desert to glacier, to small villages holding vital information about shell companies, or entangled in territory disputes or foreign policy dilemmas. She also visited Zambia and South Africa to research on Chinese agriculture and businesses influence in the region. 

She is particularly interested in modern and contemporary Chinese history, how crony capitalism plays out both domestically in China and abroad, and how Chinese capital, labor, and migration outflow influence and reshape global political and economic order. At Yale, she hopes to further study and research on these topics. She is also interested in researching cross-cultural identity, particularly because of the two Chinese cities she grew up in: one boarders North Korea and has a substantial population of ethnic Korean Chinese, and the other was built and greatly influenced by the Russians.

In her spare time, she likes to swim and dance Angolan Kizomba.