Larissa Pitts

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CEAS Associate-in-Research
Quinnipiac University
Areas of interest : 
Environmental, Political, and Borderlands Histories of late Qing and Republican China

Larissa Pitts received her BA in Asian Studies from Mount Holyoke College in 2009 and her MA/PhD in Modern Chinese History at the University of California, Berkeley in 2017. She is currently the Assistant Professor of East and Southeast Asian History at Quinnipiac University. Her research interests include the environmental, political, and borderlands histories of late Qing and Republican China. Prof. Pitts’ current book project looks at Chinese environmental conservation efforts during the Republican period. She finds that despite existing in a period of political, social, and military unrest, Chinese during this period engaged in environmental conservation through reforestation and woodlands management programs. Republican states utilized forestry for more than just environmental conservation. The architects of tree-planting programs such as Arbor Day also sought to use reforestation to expand state capacity and the influence of state ideologies such as Sun Yat-senism.