Thomas Radice

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CEAS Associate-in-Research
Southern Connecticut State University
Areas of interest : 
Early China (Primarily the Warring States Period); Chinese Intellectual and Religious History

Thomas Radice is an Assistant Professor of History at Southern Connecticut State University (SCSU) in New Haven, CT.  He received his M.A. (2001) in Asian Studies from Seton Hall University and his Ph.D. (2006) in East Asian Languages and Civilizations from the University of Pennsylvania.  His teaching and research interests include early China (primarily the Warring States period), and Chinese intellectual and religious history.  Select publications include “Clarity and Survival in the Zhuangzi,” in Asian Philosophy 11.1 (2001); The Ways of Filial Piety in Early China (in-progress); and Process Thought in Early Daoism, in collaboration with Frank J. Hoffman (in-progress).  Radice’s current project is a book manuscript entitled, Family Drama: Performing Filial Piety in Early China—an analysis through the lens of performance studies.  Radice pays special attention to the tensions between the private emotions of the performers of filial rituals and their obligations to publically perform certain prescribed behaviors. By the late Warring States Period, the common theme of performance reveals a strong aesthetic dimension to filial piety in elite religion, especially in texts that de-emphasize the power of the dead to affect the living.