Xinxin Wang

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2-Year Track

Xinxin (Joyce) Wang is a native Hokkien speaker from Quanzhou, Fujian Province of China. She holds an undergraduate degree in Engineering from the University of Hong Kong, where she majored in Computer Science and minored in Sociology and Finance. However, during her exchange program at the University of Copenhagen, Xinxin discovered her true passion for Social Sciences and decided to pursue it.

Specializing in Computational Social Science, Xinxin’s research interests span migration studies, political communication, and public policy. She is particularly interested in studying the Fujianese community in Hong Kong. Tough questions excite her. At Yale, Xinxin aims to explore different avenues and design a career that can live up to her potential and contribute to social good.

Beyond academics, Xinxin enjoys swimming, hiking, and reading. She was previously a member of HKU RoboMaster, where she and her team designed and built robots from scratch for national robotics competitions.