Xuechen Yang

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2-Year Track

Xuechen’s research ranges from early to medieval Chinese literature. He has been writing on textual phenomena, such as, as he named, the ‘anonymous character’ in the Zhuzi discourses and historical narratives of early China. He is interested in the vague image, and in particular, image as a way of creating tensions in both narrative and lyrical texts. As he continues his study at Yale, he hopes to think about how the vague part of the text exerted an influence on the whole picture and why this “convention” failed to mature into what people call tradition. As a believer in the received text, something he considers as the general “classics”, Xuechen wants to explore the textual structure and its features through religious reading.

Xuechen is also the co-founder of Shiretoko Academy. He loves reading Kawabata Yasunari and Marcel Proust.