Embodied Histories: New Perspectives on Prostitution and Disease in Modern Japan

Embodied Histories: New Perspectives on Prostitution and Disease in Modern Japan

A bilingual workshop sponsored by CEAS

Wednesday, March 26, 2014 - 1:45pm to 5:00pm
Room 202, Henry R. Luce Hall See map
34 Hillhouse Avenue
New Haven, CT 06511

The workshop will introduce some of the new approaches to the social history of prostitution and Hansen’s Disease (Leprosy) that have emerged in Japanese scholarship in the past two or three years.  The three presenters are all leading representatives of a younger generation of Japanese scholars who stand at the cutting edge of historical research on these important topics. The two papers on the history of prostitution will be presented in Japanese, but will be followed by a brief summary of key points in English.  In order to facilitate the meaningful exchange of ideas, discussion will be conducted bilingually, with participants free to communicate in either Japanese or English

1:45-2pm  Introductory Comments—Daniel Botsman (Yale University) 

Session 1 - Prostitution 

2-2:40pm  「日本における遊廓社会史研究の到達点と課題―近世~近代移行期を中心に」佐賀朝(大阪市立大学)”The Social History of Japan’s Brothel Districts: Reflections on the Current State of Research in Japan, with particular reference to the Tokugawa-Meiji Transition”— SAGA Ashita (Osaka City University)  Presentation in Japanese, with English summary               

2:40-3:20pm  「芸娼妓解放令の歴史的意義―民事判決原本から―」人見佐知子 (甲南大学)”On the Historical Significance of the 1872 ‘Emancipation Edict for Prostitutes and Entertainers’: Evidence from the Civil Courts”—HITOMI Sachiko (Kōnan University) Presentation in Japanese, with English summary 

3:20-3:45pm  Discussion

3:45-4pm    Coffee Break 

Session 2 - Disease

4-4:30pm  “New Perspectives on the History of Hansen’s Disease (Leprosy) in Modern Japan: Beyond Commemoration and Denunciation” — HIROKAWA Waka (Osaka University)  Presentation in English

4:30-4:50  Discussion

4:50-5pm  Final Comments