The Fall of Womenland (迷失的摩梭) & Wheat Harvest (麦收)

The Fall of Womenland (迷失的摩梭) & Wheat Harvest (麦收)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010 - 7:00pm to 8:30pm
Auditorium (Room 101), Henry R. Luce Hall See map
34 Hillhouse Avenue
New Haven, CT 6511

The Fall of Womenland / 迷失的摩梭
Directed by He Xiaodan (2009, 46 min, English Subtitles)

A documentary on the unique sexual culture of the Mosuo people – a small minority situated in the South-West of China, and one of the last remaining matriarchal societies in the world. Without a formal marriage contract, the Mosuo traditionally build relationships based on free love. But can the sexual liberty and power of the Mosuo women survive as modern Chinese society encroaches their ancestral land? Follow Bima, a young Mosuo woman, and learn of her reality and of the dangers that threaten her inherited way of life.

《迷失的摩梭》是一部关于摩梭人独特的性文化的纪录片。摩梭人是位于中国西南的纳西族的一个支系,是世界上现存的母系社会之一。没有正式的婚姻合同,摩梭 人传统上将两性关系建立在自由的爱情与和谐的性生活的基础之上。但是摩梭女性这样的性自由和权利能够在当今中国汉族社会的强势同化下得以幸存吗?导演跟随 缤玛,一个年轻的摩梭女性,纪录下她的现实以及那些威胁她的古老生活方式的危险。

Wheat Harvest / 麦收
Directed by Xu Tong (2008, 98 min, English Subtitles)

In June, the wheat tips are beginning to turn yellow. A young woman comes back from Beijing to her hometown in Hebei, to find her father lying in bed with an IV and her mother out at the market. It appears that this is the way life always is; this is normal, nothing is out of the ordinary. Going back a few months, we see a filthy and chaotic side street in Beijing’s eastern suburbs. In a nameless, unlit ‘beauty parlor’, this country girl of barely 20 years shows us a corner of her life as a prostitute. The film revolves around the time of the harvest, documenting one person’s dual lives and struggles, how one person copes on her own troubles in the face of it all.

时值六月,麦尖已经泛黄。她从北京回到河北老家。她爹趴在炕上输液;她娘出门赶集了……生活好像从来就是这样,平常,没有意外。早先一段日子,在北京东 郊,一个叫高西店的混乱肮脏的街边,在一个没有名字没有转灯的昏暗的小发廊里,这个才满二十岁的农村丫头的妓女生活便露出一角…… 本片围绕麦收的前后,记录了一个人的两种处境,两种生活;一个人又是怎么去应付招架这一切的。

Part of the 5th Annual REEL CHINA Documentaries Biennial Series

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